When you live in a St Leger home, you will have a number of people who are dedicated to support you and the area you live.

These people include our amazing Housing Officers who are on hand to support with any issues or feedback you have around your tenancy and your neighbourhood.

Our team work across the whole city, to help, support and even just lend an ear when they are in the area.

Services our housing teams support with
  • Medium and low level antisocial behaviour and tenancy breaches
  • Untidy gardens
  • Estate inspections
  • Communal area inspections
  • Keeping in touch visits
  • New tenancy sign ups
  • New tenancy visits
  • Transfer visits
  • Enforcing the tenancy agreement for the wellbeing of our customers
  • Working with partners to make sure your neighbourhoods are safe places to live
  • Providing help and information
  • Listening to your comments and work with you to make improvements to your homes and neighbourhoods
  • Investigating alleged tenancy fraud and take action as appropriate

Who is my Housing Officer?

As we cover the whole of the City of Doncaster we have dedicated Housing Officers to cover each of the areas.

We split these areas into North, South, East, West and Central areas and below you can find out which area you live in and who your contacts are, should you need any support.

Light map map of the South West of Doncaster City

South West Housing Team

This team supports the South and West areas of the city. Managing just under 6,000 homes! 

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Light Pink map of central Donaster

Central Housing Team

The central team cover the centre of the city and helps to manage and support around 6,000 households!

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Light Green map of the East of Doncaster City

East Housing Team

The East Area Housing Team covers almost 5,000 homes from Armthorpe to Moorends!

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Light Orange map of the north of Doncaster

North Housing Team

Live in places like Woodlands or Arksey? Then our North Area Housing Team have you covered as they support over 4,000 homes in the North of Doncaster!

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St leger Homes-Gypsy and Traveller, residential officers. image of a traveller house

Gypsy, Traveller and Residential officers

We have a dedicated team for those living in any of our gypsy and traveller communities in Doncaster.

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