If we reach your turn, we will contact you to ensure you are still interested in the property and confirm your details. If you are still eligible for the property, we will inform you of the property details and the full address, and confirm this as an offer in writing. 

We will not contact you about the property if you are not successful or if we do not reach your turn.

Some properties might be under Local Letting Policy scheme. Click here to find out what it means for you.


After we establish if you are still interested and are eligible for the property, we will arrange an accompanied viewing of the property when it is safe to do so. One of our housing officers will be present at the viewing to show you around. If we need to see if a property is medically suitable for you, the occupational therapist will be present too.  

Sometimes there may be a delay until you can view the property, while essential work is carried out. We will let you know if this is the case when we contact you.

When you are under an offer

You will not be considered for any other properties whilst under the offer until you make a decision about your current offer. 

You will be unable to place bids on any other properties. 

Refusing a property

Refusal of offers might lead to suspension of your account or priority being taken away from you. 

If you refuse one property whilst in Platinum band, your account will be suspended for six months. 

If you are a homeless applicant, in any priority banding, and you refuse one offer, your account may be suspended for six months and you will lose your priority banding. 

If you refuse two offers whilst in the Gold, Bronze, Transfer or General band, your account will be suspended for six months. This includes refusals of adapted accommodation which would have been suitable. 

When your account is suspended, you cannot place bids. 

Each case will be assessed individually as to the reason for the refusal. You will be informed in writing and given the right of review within 28 days of the decision if your priority is removed, or you are suspended. 

You will need to re-contact us after the 6 months has expired and confirm your current circumstances if you wish your application to be re-activated. 

Signing up

Remember to bring any documents we have asked you to bring to your viewing. If a property is ready to let, you can sign for the tenancy at the viewing. If you need more time to decide, you will have 24 hours after your viewing to decide about your offer.

It is important that you understand the responsibilities of taking on a St Leger Homes property and the importance of paying your rent so that you do not lose your home. You could be evicted if you do not meet your responsibilities as a tenant. St Leger Homes will try their best to work with you to make sure this does not happen. 


In order to ensure you meet your rent obligations, St Leger Homes offer convenient ways to pay your rent. 

Alternatively, you can also pay through the Direct Debit with the option of flexible payment dates, which our staff can support you to set up.

Help with moving into a new property

Moving houses is not an easy process. Here you can find information on extra services we offer to help reduce the stress if you are struggling financially.