Housing Associations provide affordable social housing in many areas of Doncaster. Some Housing Associations in Doncaster only have properties for elderly or disabled people. Most however, supply a mix of property types including general needs houses and flats suitable for families, couples or single people. 

Some Housing Associations advertise their vacancies through HomeChoice. You can bid on these properties like you normally would for council properties, but if you are successful with a Housing Association, you will be contacted directly by them. 

Please see the full information on the property adverts for any restrictions as they may have additional eligibility criteria. 

You can register directly with some Housing Associations. For more information and their contact details, see the table below. 


Housing Association 

Contact Details 

Extra information

Together Housing 

0300 555 5560 

Check their website for advertised properties and apply individually for anything you are interested in. 

Johnnie Johnson 

Ring or email and ask for an application form.   

Completed application needs to be emailed back. 

Home Group                                 

No properties available in Doncaster, but offer range in different Yorkshire authorities. 

Online applications. 

Housing 21 

0370 192 4000 

Retirement and extra care providers. Over 55 years' old. 

Online registration. 

Stone Water 

Mainly advertised through ChoiseBaseLettings. Can register interest in MovingSoon waiting list online to search for properties direct. 


Guinness Northern Counties 

01132 203014 

On-line application form 

Places For People 

0845 850 957 

Working people only. 

Online application form. 

Sanctuary Housing Association 

0800 781 0401 

Online application form. 

Salvation Army Housing Association   


0800 970 6363 

Website currently does not have all information on it – might be best to contact direct and ask about application process. 

Anchor Hanover Housing Association 

Over 55 years old.  

Online application form. 

Yorkshire Housing 

0114 256 4200 

Online application form. 

Railway Housing Association 

01325 482125 

Ring for application form. 

Over 55’s housing. 

Riverside Care and Support 

0845 111 0000 

Retirement Living in Doncaster.  Online application form