Applicants with the highest priority and earliest priority effective date or registration date will be prioritized in the majority of the cases. It is important you keep your application up to date by notifying us through e-mail ( 

You will only know your final queue position once the advertising cycle has closed by logging into your account each Monday. Verification checks will be carried out and the first eligible applicant who qualifies will be offered the property. If this applicant refuses the offer, the property will be offered to the next eligible applicant. 

Larger families in the Platinum and Gold band will be prioritised for 4 bedroom or larger homes. 

Adapted properties will be advertised with priority to nominations from the Accessible Housing Register and advertised with a bidding reserve list. This will be highlighted on the property advert.

Some properties are subject to a Local Lettings Policy. For more information please see the documents below. 

Local Lettings Policy

pdf | 110Kb

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    Direct Match

    There will be certain circumstances when a property will not be advertised in the normal way. This is known as a direct match. 

    Direct matches are a very small proportion of total lets and are made up of the following: 

    • Purpose built or extensively adapted properties. 

    • Housing Management Lets.