Whilst we process and review your application and documents, your account will show as 'SUSPENDED'.  You will be unable to bid.

In some circumstances, your application can be suspended for up to 12 months. Following the suspension period, your application can be reassessed. These circumstances may include: 

  • Prisoners who do not have a release date 

  • If we find out that you have become ineligible or none qualifying to remain on the register, we will suspend your application whilst we carry out our enquiries. This may be because of rent arrears and/or anti-social behaviour. 

Make sure to keep your contact details up to date and notify us of any changes. 

You must provide documents to support your application. This should include:

•    Proof of National Insurance number
•    Proof of ID
•    Local connection proof
•    Proof of address 
•    Landlord reference 
•    Proof of immigration, if applicable 
•    Medical form and patient summary, if applicable 
•    Proof of dependants, if applicable 

Please send the above to info@doncasterhomechoice.co.uk and include your application reference number in the subject.

You have 28 days to provide all documents from the time your application has been reviewed (we would confirm this by email). Please be patient as we received high volumes of applications and customer contact. We will notify you via email if we need any more documents from you.

It is your responsibility to provide the supporting information. Failing to do so within the 28 days will result in your application being cancelled, and you would need to re-apply. 

Landlord Reference

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You are entitled to a review in the following circumstances: 

  • If you are ineligible or non qualifying to join the register 

  • Where you feel you have been unfairly treated in the allocation process 

  • Where you have been removed from the register other than at your own request 

  • Where you disagree with your banding 

  • Where you disagree with your registration or effective date

  • Where you disagree with the removal of your priority 

The review process 

In all cases you must make a request in writing, within 28 days of the date of the letter informing you of the decision. You must send it to info@doncasterhomechoice.co.uk.

Where you do ask for a review of the decision, you will be invited to submit any further information. 

You are not required to provide reasons for challenging the decision however it may help your case to provide such information in writing. The Officer involved in the original decision will not be involved in the review. Homelessness reviews will be carried out by the Housing Options team.