Any homes advertised under St Leger Lettings are completely separate from the council owned homes we manage.

This means, just like renting privately, you can apply to rent a home without needing to be on the housing register.

It's that simple. But if you're still not entirely sure on what's required, see our Q&As below.

Do I need to be on the housing register?

No, the homes we let are completely separate to the council homes.

If you see a St Leger Lettings property you are interested in, you simply contact our team.

How can I view a property?

We complete a full income and expenditure to ensure you can afford the property.

This takes place prior to viewing.

We will then invite you to view the property, either on your own or with other interested potential tenants.

What check do you need to make?

Before renting with us, we will need to run a few checks beforehand. These include:

  • Full Landlord Reference or character reference from a professional body
  • Previous rent arrears
  • Previous antisocial behaviour/estates issues
  • Sundry Debtors
  • Right to Rent
  • Identification
Do I need to pay any fees?

No - we do not charge tenants any fees.

Do I need to pay a bond?

Yes a bond will be needed, however the amount varies with each property

Do I need to pay rent in advance?

Yes – you will need to pay one month’s rent in advance. 

How much will the rent be?

This varies on property size and location.

This will be confirmed at viewing.

Your rent will be charged weekly

Can you help me with housing benefit applications?

Of course  - we will do this when you sign up for your home.

Are there any age restrictions on renting?

To rent a home you must be 18 or over

How long will my tenancy be for?

You will be awarded a six-month fixed-term tenancy initially.

This will then become periodic.


Will you stay in touch after I've moved in?

Absolutely – we will conduct routine visits to your property to make sure you are settled and whether we can help with anything further