Policies and Strategies 


In this section you can find a list of St Leger Homes Policies and Strategies all relating to the different areas of our Business. 

These policies can also be found on the relevant departmental pages, where you can also find out more information relating to any queries or questions you might have about how are services are delivered.

Asset Management Strategy

pdf | 461Kb

Compliments Complaints & Comments Policy

pdf | 237Kb

Communication Strategy

pdf | 7306Kb

SLHD Corporate Plan 2024 2029

pdf | 16301Kb

Customer Access Strategy

pdf | 1462Kb

Customer Charter

pdf | 156Kb

Damp And Mould Policy

pdf | 647Kb

Data Protection Policy

pdf | 217Kb

Domestic Abuse Policy

pdf | 360Kb

Environmental Strategy

pdf | 1450Kb

Equality Strategy

pdf | 6421Kb

Fairness And Equality Statement

pdf | 160Kb

Financial Regulations

pdf | 603Kb

Fire Management Plan

pdf | 491Kb

G&T Allocation Policy

pdf | 127Kb

Health & Safety Strategy

pdf | 146Kb

Health And Safety Policy

pdf | 444Kb

Housing Allocation Policy

pdf | 3115Kb

Housing Management Policy

pdf | 588Kb

Lettable Property Standard

pdf | 938Kb

Repairs And Maintenance Policy

pdf | 391Kb

Sustainable Tenancy Policy

pdf | 529Kb

Tenant Voice Strategy

pdf | 12008Kb

Whistleblowing Policy And Procedure

pdf | 224Kb