Join us on an Estate Inspection!

Estate Inspections, commonly known as estate walks, take place on a regular basis. 

These walks are carried out to highlight areas of concern and to make sure that the general appearance of your estate is satisfactory.  

They are an important way of monitoring and improving standards in your neighbourhood and an opportunity for you to get involved and have your voice heard. 

The estate inspections are carried out in partnership with other agencies such as the Police, Doncaster Council, Highways, local ward councillors and representatives for the local Tenants and Residents Associations.  By using a partnership approach we are able to work together to tackle problems on our estates such as antisocial behaviour, environmental problems and crime and nuisance. 

You can use the links below to find out when the next Estate Inspections are happening in your area, and you can also download a list of all the inspection dates scheduled for this year.

For more information or if you wish to get involved in your next Estate Inspection, please get in touch on 01302 862862.

Light map map of the South West of Doncaster City

South/West Area Estate Inspections

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Light Pink map of central Donaster

Central Area Estate Inspections

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Light Green map of the East of Doncaster City

East Area Estate Inspections

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Light Orange map of the north of Doncaster

North Area Estate Inspections

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