The quickest and easiest way to apply is by registering online.

If you need help with filling in the form, please contact 01302 862862. 

You must be eligible to apply and provide documents to support your application.


Make sure the people on the application are the ones you want to be re-housed with. 

Joint tenancy is usually used for partners or married couples, as joint tenants are equally responsible for things like rent and condition of property and behaviour. 

Household members are the rest of the people that you want to be re-housed with, e.g. children or persons financially dependent on you.

Address history

You will need to confirm addresses where you have lived for the last seven years. When inputting information, make sure the dates add up and provide the tenancy type. We will need a landlord reference if you live or have lived in a private rent, or a housing association property.


You will be able to set your preferences of where you would like to be re-housed.

Make sure to consider various areas as the more you limit yourself, the less likely you are to be re-housed, even if you have a priority. 

Medical needs

You will be asked to outline and explain what medical needs you or any other applicants have, and how those affect your current housing situation. 

You may need to complete a Medical Self Assessment form as well as provide proof of medical issues in the form of a patient summary which is available from your GP, free of charge, to confirm your diagnosed conditions and prescribed medication. 


Correct information

It’s important you have provided correct information and can support your claims. Failing to do so might result in your application being cancelled.

Registering to the portal

After you have completed your application, you will need to register onto the portal. You can do so directly after your application is completed by following the link on the page, or by clicking in the link sent to your email.

Make sure you make a note of your reference number – this is essential for future log-ins and if we ever need to find you on our system. 

Choosing An Area

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How To Register Booklet.Docx

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