It's really important to us that you can see how well we are performing  against the standards of delivery that you have said are important to achieve, against the Tenant Satisfaction Measures set by the Regulator of Social Housing and against our key performance indicator targets, as these are the targets that you have told us matter to you. 

How we are performing against key measures is monitored by the Performance and Improvement Committee on a quarterly basis and by our Board, 

Our Key Performance Indicators cover various areas of the business so that we can keep a regular track of how we are doing and can take corrective action where we need to. 

We also carry out our yearly Tenants Satisfaction Measure surveys during the months of May to September and report these to the Regulator of Social Housing each year. 

Our Annual Review, which we produce every year, sets out how well we have performed in the previous year, what challenges we have had and what we have achieved. This is sent to every tenant in the October edition of our HouseProud magazine as well as in video format which we publish on You Tube or on Facebook. 

You can find our latest performance information by clicking on the links below. 

Tenant Satisfaction Measures

Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) have been introduced by the Regulator of Social Housing to assess how well housing providers are doing at providing good quality homes and services.  

Tenants give feedback by answering questions about their satisfaction with the services we provide, for a range of services.   

These measures will drive up standards and improve the quality of social housing by ensuring housing providers are accountable for the services delivered to customers.  

The main themes the TSMs focus on are:  

• Keeping properties in a good state of repair. 

• Maintaining the safety of buildings.  

• Engaging with customers in a helpful and respectful way. 

• Managing neighbourhoods in a responsible way.  

• Handling complaints effectively. 

For 12 of the new measures we ask a representative sample of tenants survey questions about how satisfied they are with some of our services. We will provide internal management information to the Regulator of Social Housing for the remaining 10 TSMs.  

We use an external provider to carry out the phone surveys between May and September each year.  

Along with every other social housing landlord we have to report our TSMs to the Regulator of Social Housing each year and make the results available to you.  

This will give you the opportunity to hold us to account if we aren’t meeting your needs.  

The idea is that this will help improve social housing across the country – which is something we all want!  

Our satisfaction results for 2023 will be published shortly. 


Customer Charter and Services Standards

We always aim to provide the highest levels of customer service. These aims are set out in our Customer Charter, which we review on a regular  basis to make sure that the promises we make are ones that matter to our customers. 

The Charter was developed by working with our customers and listening to  customer feedback. It is built around 4 key themes:

·       People

·       Homes

·       Communities

·       Partnerships

Not only does the Charter set out our promises it also sets out the standards we use to measure whether or not we have fulfilled our promises.

The standards in the Charter are monitored by our Performance and Improvement Committee on a 1/4ly basis.  We think it is important that our performance in reviewed and challenged so that we can be held to account if we fall below the standards expected. Our performance for Q1 23/24 is below. 

Customer Service Standards Performance Q1

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs measure areas of performance that are important to you and are essential in helping us understand how well we are serving our tenants.

The Dashboard attached shows our performance against these key measures. 

Dashboard September 2023

Dashboard August 2023

Dashboard July 2023

Dashboard June 2023  

Dashboard May 2023

Dashboard April 2023




Complaint and Compliments

We don't always get things right and when we don't we want to learn from this to improve the services we provide. 

But it's also great when customers tell us that we have gone over and above to support them.  

For more information on the number of complaints and compliments we have received and how quickly we responded, click on the link below. This also shows you how we performing compared to last year. 

Complaint, Enquiry And Compliment Performance Q1 23 24