We always aim to provide the highest levels of customer service. These aims are set out in our Customer Charter, which we review on a regular  basis to make sure that the promises we make are ones that matter to our customers.   

The Charter was developed by working with our customers and listening to  customer feedback. It is built around four key themes: 

  • People 

  • Homes  

  • Communities  

  • Partnerships  

Not only does the Charter set out our promises it also sets out the standards we use to measure whether or not we have fulfilled our promises.  

The standards in the Charter are monitored by our Performance and Improvement Committee on a 1/4ly basis.  We think it is important that our performance in reviewed and challenged so that we can be held to account if we fall below the standards expected. 

Here's a copy of our Customer Charter and Service Standards. 

To find out how we have performed against these standards take at look below. 


Our Performance against the Standards

For more information on how we are meeting the standards at end of Quarter 3, 23/24 please click below. Where we are not hitting our targets we have put in place and discussed with Performance and Improvement Committee our actions to improve.  

Our Performance