Our North housing team

If you live in the north of Doncaster you're in the right place to find out who's who at St Leger homes for all your tenancy needs!

Below you'll find a handy list of names and contacts for people who can support you with your every day tenancy requirements.

Where does the north area cover?
  • Askern 
  • Arksey 
  • Barnburgh 
  • Bentley 
  • Braithwaite 
  • Brierly 
  • Burghwallis 
  • Cadeby 
  • Clayton 
  • Campsall 
  • Carcroft 
  • Highfields 
  • Moss 
  • Norton 
  • Scawthorpe 
  • Scawsby 
  • Skellow 
  • Sprotbrough 
  • Toll Bar 
  • Woodlands 

Who are your north area team?

Area Housing Manager - Alison Alcorn

North Team Leader - Tracey Hempshall

Housing officer Areas covered
Abby Maddison Adwick, Barnburgh, Cadeby, Clayton and Woodlands
Murray Hall Bentley New Village
Lisa Moizer Askern, Campsall, Braithwaite and Norton Moss
Kath Staniforth Askern, Campsall, Braithwaite and Norton Moss
Kerry Heard Arksey, Carcroft, Cusworth, Skelbrooke and Sprotborough
Kim Hudson Arksey, Carcroft ,Cusworth, Skelbrooke and Sprotbrough 
Sarah Gill Scawthorpe, Bentley West End and Toll Bar 
Sally Boughen Skellow, Scawsby and Highfields 

Contact the team

If you need to discuss anything, you can contact the team by email 

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