This page is your go-to place for all things safety whilst living in Lonsdale House.

Below you can find everything from contact information to updates on inspections and maintenance.

Built in 1964, Lonsdale House is one of three high-rise buildings we manage in Intake - with 35 flats.

As a general needs building, it houses a diverse range of tenants. 

To keep you safe in your home we have a number of things in place including:

  • 24-hour CCTV
  • 24-hour monitored fire alarm 
  • Sprinkler system in all flats and the bin store
  • A Stay Put fire strategy
  • A no smoking in common areas policy
  • A sterile communal area policy

To navigate the nine floors we have one lift and one staircase. 

Contact information

For all building safety concerns, queries, complaints, suggestions call us on 01302 862590

For all estate, tenancy and housing issues contact us on 01302 862862

To report any building/dwelling related repairs. Emergencies only between 5pm and 8am. Call us on 01302 862862

For all rubbish, bin chutes, cleaning, flytipping issues call us on 01302 376732