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Report a repair online

Report a repair

Did you know that St Leger Homes tenants can now report a repair, make a rent payment and check their rent account through the ‘My Access’ section on our website? It’s easy to do and even quicker than calling us!

All you have to do is click the My Access button at the top of the screen. If it’s your first time using My Access you will need to register but that is easy too – all you need is an email address and your Tenancy Reference Number, which you can find at the top of the rent statement. Not got one? No need to worry, all tenants will be receiving one in January.

Simply click on the “Report a Repair” button on our home page or the “My Access” button on the top of our homepage as below.


The “My Access” portal lets you to report repairs, check rent and stay in touch with progress on your enquiries.

Already a “My Access” member? Log in now and report your repair.

Not yet a member? Register now for “My Access”.

Registration is quick and easy and you can start to use My Access straight away. 

To register for My Access you will need your Tenancy Reference number which you can find on your rent statement, an email address and your date of birth. Once you have registered you will immediately receive an automated response to the email you provided so that you can start using the My Access service right away.



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