We are a group of customers who work with St Leger Homes colleagues and other customers to review and scrutinise our services and policies.

We act as critical friends to St Leger, giving a customer's view on their policies, procedures and working practices.

We often make recommendations on how services can be improved to enhance the experience for all tenants.

Following completion of a Tenant Scrutiny Review, we present the report and recommendations to the Performance and Improvement Committee and an agreed action plan is produced by the relevant service to support delivery of the recommendations.

Feedback on progress against the recommendations within the action plan is then given to us and the Performance and Improvement Committee until all are completed. 

When and how we meet

The Tenant Scrutiny Panel meets on the third Wednesday of every month at the Civic Building in Doncaster City Centre.

Meetings take place from 10.30am and last around three hours.

The meetings tend to take place in person but if you do need to attend virtually you can do this through Microsoft Teams. Please let us know in advance if you'd like to join us online so we can set up your link.


Elected panel members
  • Chair - Betty Clayton
  • Vice-Chair - Mo Tennison
  • Secretary - Rodger Haldenby
Current panel members
  • Brenda Lennon    
  • Emery Sindijjue    
  • Luke Laister
  • Harry Wood
  • Edward Cristian
  • Cameron Hickman
  • Therese Kennedy

TSP work in 2022/2023

In 2022/2023 the TSP have worked with St Leger Homes on the following:

  • Metro-clean agreement
  • Antisocial behaviour 
  • Estate inspections
Forward plan

Over the next year, the TSP will be supporting St Leger Homes in reviewing:


  • Recharge Policy
  • Mystery shopping
  • Volunteer rewards and incentives scheme

Anti Social Behaviour Scrutiny Review

pdf | 218Kb

Anti Social Behaviour Scrutiny Review Action Plan

pdf | 161Kb

Estate Walks Scrutiny Review

pdf | 128Kb

Estate Walks Scrutiny Review Action Plan

pdf | 119Kb

Metro Cleaning Scrutiny Review Action Plan

pdf | 67Kb

Contact us

Panel secretary - Rodger Haldenby: tenantscrutiny4slhd@gmail.com

St Leger Homes: customer.involvement@stlegerhomes.co.uk 

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