Defibrillator installed at Peacehaven Communal Hall

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On top of their regular fundraising efforts, a group at Peacehaven Communal Hall, Barnby Dun, have now had an AED defibrillator machine installed.

Friday Mens Club are regular users of Peacehaven Communal Hall. Last year, a gentleman of the group unfortunately suffered a heart attack whilst in the hall. The rest of the group jumped in to assist by calling 999, with one group member performing CPR. The ambulance arrived and supported the gentleman, who survived due to the CPR. He still attends the group now, and recently attended a defibrillator training course which was held at Peacehaven Communal Hall.

Following the emergency situation - the group decided they would like to have the equipment to hand should the situation arise again. Councillors funding covered the majority of the cost, with the rest being donated from Barnby Dun TARA's fundraising. The defibrillator has now been installed by Denton and Nickells.

Read about how defibrillators can save a life here.

Another defibrillator training course is set to take place at Peacehaven Communal Hall on Thursday 8 August 2024, open to users of the groups and any local residents. 

To attend this course, or to get involved with fundraisers in your community, find your local group here.