Environmental Pride

Environmental Pride
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Environmental Pride is a partnership between the City of Doncaster Council, St Leger Home, and several other partner organisations that currently promotes projects that show appreciation for the natural environment while also making a difference in their community. This can include projects such as improving the local environment or activities that encourage people to be outside.

To keep everyone up-to-date, 42 applications were received for this phase of Environmental Pride, which is an incredible number. The initiative has now progressed to the in-person pitch round, following a further three sessions getting people to pitch using videos and presentations, at which point we will have decisions by Monday, July 10, on which applications have been successful.

Alison, a Customer Involvement Officer at St Leger Homes who is part of the Environmental Pride Team, said, "The Environmental Pride project is an incredible experience. I have enjoyed the journey from it's very early days back in 2022 at the start of the project to us now having the 3rd phase of applications, which are growing in numbers every time, reading the applications to hearing the live pitches, and I’m excited to see the chosen projects start to come to life in making our communities greener and a place for all to enjoy."

Keep an eye out on our website and social media for the next updates.