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Our annual Tenants’ Choice Awards celebrate the amazing hard work and tireless commitment tenants give to make a positive difference for their communities.

Over the past months lots of you have taken the time to nominate the local heroes in your area. We now have the list of finalists in our five categories ready for you to pick your winners.

You can find details of all our finalists below. To select your winner in each category, please go to and cast your vote. The closing date for entries is 23rd August 2019.

Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in September, shared on social media and will appear in the January 2020 issue of HouseProud.


Tenants’ Choice Awards finalists

  • Good Neighbour

Margaret Angus

“When Mags moved to the area I never realised how much of a wonderful friend and neighbour I would make. She is a fantastic lady who is always there to help. I recently become unwell and Mags is always on hand to look out for me. She takes me to appointments, cares for me and is on the other end of the phone if I need her.

“I am ever so lucky to have her as a neighbour and a friend. I feel very privileged to have met Mags, she is an amazing lady who looks out for everyone.”


Christine Jaques and David Tipler

“Christine and David deserve to be nominated for this award. There are five bungalows in our block and they look out for all of their four other neighbours, including some of us who have health problems.

“Christine and David look after my garden and check on me all the time due to my ill health. They take me and the others out for our shopping, as well as to any hospital appointments we might have. They also help with jobs like building up any flat-pack furniture I have purchased. I rely on them.”


Jenny Jurgens

“Jenny goes above and beyond what is expected of a good neighbour. She shops for neighbours who can't get out themselves and doesn’t charge even though she has to use public transport. She also does washing and ironing if they can't do it themselves.

“Jenny checks on neighbours who live alone and they have her phone number in case of emergency. When an elderly neighbour went into hospital Jenny visited and continued to check on them when they were discharged home.

“Jenny is a caring, generous and honest person who always puts others first - never expecting reward for her actions.”


  • Community Champion

Morag Taylor

“Morag has been an advocate for her neighbours for many years. She set up Larch Drive TARA with other neighbours to address community issues and make a difference.

“Everyone knows that they can go to Morag for help. If neighbours cannot report incidents, or feel too scared to, she does it for them. She is always there to offer support, guidance and will find the right person to help if she cannot.

“Morag works hard to make the voice of tenants in the area heard. She is an incredible woman who is puts her neighbours first and deserves to be recognised for the hard work she does on a daily basis.”


Carl Smith

“Carl is enthusiastic about everything he does. On moving to the area he sought out groups where he could make a difference and contribute to village life, but never expects credit  - he just likes to help people!

“Carl has volunteered for three years, working tirelessly at community events, clean ups and environmental projects. He will drop everything to help out when asked. Carl trained as a walk leader to start up monthly walks for people. He helped restore a local beauty spot and has made many friends in the community through his efforts.

“Conisbrough would be a duller place without Carl, and Conisbrough Forward couldn’t manage without him!”


Cath Siddall

“Cath has always been very keen on supporting the community and raising local spirits. She has a huge passion for regeneration and promotes the positive projects within Edlington to try and reduce the negative perception of the area that can overshadow the great work happening in her community.

“Cath initially got involved to support people in the miners strike and to this day she still supports people on the poverty line and those who are at a disadvantage. Cath volunteers for a variety of projects to increase pride and raise local aspirations – her secret is a smile, cracking a joke and making everyone feels welcomed and equal.”


  • Young Person

Fiona O’Connor

“Fiona is hard working, shows care and compassion and has become a wonderful young lady through her involvement with Barnby Dun TARA. Here she gives her time, supports older community members and recently took on the role of co-treasurer to grow and develop her skills.

“Fiona was a quiet young person who has grown into a confident, bright young woman. The confidence and strength she developed has also helped her gain employment. When not working, she still comes to cook lunches and support members.

“Fiona is a credit to the community and shows that young people are hard-working and want to make a difference. Well done to Fiona for overcoming the barriers she faced to grow into this wonderful person.”


Harper Matthews

“Harper is the 6 year old son of dedicated Edlington Community Organisation (ECO) volunteer, Toni.

“He is an amazing little boy who gets involved in all aspects of our organisation including setting up activities, managing craft tables, leading kids activities, supporting the jumble, making up emergency food parcels and gardening!

“Harper even does jobs at home to raise money for ECO. He has a special jam jar where his ‘wages’ are stored for helping granny around the house – last month he raised £2.06p from washing the pots, tidying socks and gardening! He donated this to ECO to us to help keep doing ‘a good job’ (in his own words).

“Harper is our mini hero, with compassion, sympathy and a genuinely good heart.”


Jade Osborne

“Jade volunteers at the Communi-Tea Café. She has additional needs and can struggle in many situations, but has worked tirelessly and established an amazing rapport with customers and those living at Milton Court.

“Jade is always the first to volunteer for a job, even when no-one else wants to do it. She often says she can’t do a task, but within hours is succeeding, helping others and shining with her peers. 

“She is very unassuming and rarely realises her own capabilities with her communication skills, work ethic, but more importantly her growing self-esteem. As her confidence grows we see an individual who begins to believe in her own skills in the work place and in her life.”


  • Community Group


“Aspiring2 run a community room called FORTEAS inside Edington Hilltop Centre. They support residents to combat isolation and help with any concerns by signposting people to support.

“They run an Inspiring Women group to help people build confidence and make new friends. Another group supports young adults with mild learning disabilities to learn life skills and socialise.

“Their uplifting CraftChat sessions bring the community together, with people from 10 months to 97 years old joining in. The Bunting and Banter group sees carers and those living with dementia meet for fun, singing, dancing, and chatter.

“Last year they raised over £700 for good causes. Everything they do is about lifting aspirations and supporting the local community to find positive outcomes.”


ECO Community Cupboard

“Edlington Community Organisation delivers massive projects within the heart of Edlington. With an army of 60+ volunteers they help regenerate Edlington and improve quality of life for all. With creative and innovative projects they really make a difference in their community.

“The community cupboard project intercepts surplus food and supports disadvantaged people. Residents can come and do a weekly shop for £4, with the average shopping bag containing over £20 worth of shopping. It has been running for 2 years, has helped over 350 people in 90 households, and saved £40,000 from going to landfill.

“The community cupboard also brings the community together, with a weekly club providing a social network and breaking down barriers in the community.”


Monday Smile Awhile

“This group is run by volunteers and provides arts and crafts activities, chair exercises, guest speakers and group outings, as well as fundraising for charities.

“They are very welcoming and make a huge difference in people’s lives - some of whom only leave the house for this two hour session. Whether taking part in indoor curling competitions, going on trips or getting involved in craft sessions, everyone is made to feel valued and supported.

“The group has brought people together and created a warm and welcoming space, where people feel valued and cared for. It is the life-blood for some local residents, going a long way to reducing social isolation and supporting vulnerable members of society.”


Moorends Community Ambassadors

“This is a group of children aged between 8 and 11 years old who come together to change their local community and make young people’s voices heard.

“The Ambassadors felt some of the older generation had a negative perspective on young people so wanted to change that mindset by showing they take pride in the community. They have met with the local Mayor to discuss issues important to young people, and talk about how they see their community.

“The Ambassadors also delivered a speech to elderly residents to outline their vision for how they want to change Moorends for the better, and to show their positivity and pride in their community – something which brought a tear to many an eye!”


  • Lifetime Achievement

Brian Naughton

“Brian is very hard working and has given so much to help local people for many years.

“Brian worked with the Doncaster Federation of TARAs to support tenants, volunteered with St Leger Homes and works hard for the benefit of the local community. He arranges trips and activities to reduce social isolation and make sure the community looks after one another. He is always there to provide support and be a friendly ear for the local residents and wider community.

“Although Brian has not been well of late, he still gives 100% to the community. Brian is a credit to his community and will help anyone - he deserves to be celebrated for all his hard work over the years.”


Eileen Cooper

“Eileen served on Mexborough Common TARA for many years before becoming treasurer of the Lakes TARA. She started a group for young people - it took almost a year to get the project off the ground but became the borough’s first Junior TARA.

“Eileen is an active member of the Positive Activities Group, offering suggestions and getting involved with engagement activities for young people. As a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator she works tirelessly to make our communities a safer place to live in.

“Eileen is also Chair Person of the Mexborough Neighbourhood Network group which works to raise aspirations in the community. Their first project was a clean-up which saw over 80 tonnes of waste being removed from the area.”


Marion Sarson

“Marion is a pillar of the community who works extremely hard to look after everyone. Despite her own ill health she is always on hand to look after other older residents.

“Marion manages a day centre group where she organises weekly activities, bingo, lunches, day trips, raffles, special events and more. She has done this for many years and supports over 45 people at the centre every day. She always works hard for the community, making sure residents have access to different activities each day - she never stops and is always thinking of others.

“Marion is a credit to the community that she has served for many years.”


Rodger Haldenby

“Rodger is an extremely active member of the community who has served on the St Leger Homes Board and is a member of the TRIP Panel. He is always there to support and represent tenants, and takes his role very seriously.

“Rodger has been very active in the community for many years. He is a role model to others, helping and encouraging people get involved with improving communities in Doncaster. Rodger acts as a link for people who need assistance from organisations such as St Leger Homes or the Council, but don’t feel confident enough to do it themselves.

“Rodger is an inspiration who works tirelessly to support others and wants to see the best done for all.”



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