St Leger Homes of Doncaster
Online Q&A With Paul Tanney

Our Chief Executive, Paul Tanney, will be holding his monthly online question and answer session giving local tenants the opportunity to ask him their questions via Facebook tomorrow (Thursday 29th November) between 2pm-3pm. Why not get involved?

Is there something you've always wanted to ask Paul - or give him some feedback about how our services are performing?

As an organisation that puts tenants at the heart of our work, we really value your input and listening to your views.

If you can't join Paul then do feel free to send questions in advance.

The online Q&A dates for 2019 are as follows....

Thursday 31st January - 2pm-2.30pm

Wednesday 27th February - 2pm-2.30pm

Thursday 21st March - 2pm-2.30pm

Wednesday 24th April - 2pm-2.30pm

Thursday 30th May - 2pm-2.30pm

Wednesday 19th June - 2pm-2.30pm

Wednesday 24th July - 2pm-2.30pm

Thursday 29th August - 2pm-2.30pm

Thursday 19th September - 2pm-2.30pm

Thursday 31st October - 2pm-2.30pm

Thursday 28th November - 2pm-2.30pm

Wednesday 18th December - 2pm-2.30pm




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