St Leger Homes of Doncaster

Eight young people are taking their first steps in a new career after being offered craft apprenticeships with St. Leger Homes.

The apprentices are: Reece Nadolny (16), bricklayer; John Anderson (20), Bricklayer; Bradley Reeve (18), roofer; Bradley Brooke (18), plumber; Christopher Marriott (22), joiner; Ryan Bisby (19), electrician; Thomas Dobbin (20), electrician; and, Reece Blake (23), gas fitter.

The apprenticeships will last for three or four years depending on the trade and each person will be trained up to NVQ Level 3.

St. Leger Homes, the company that manage around 21,000 properties on behalf of Doncaster Council, have trained 60 apprentices from the local area since 2005. Former apprentices now make up around 20% of the company’s trades workforce.

Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster, said: “I am pleased that St. Leger Homes offers the kind of high quality workplace training which helps young people build successful careers. As a council we are working hard to nurture the talents of local pupils and students and create a range of gateways into long-term employment.”

Susan Jordan, Chief Executive of St. Leger Homes, said: “Our apprenticeship programme provides high quality training which gives young people the knowledge and experience they need to become the skilled workforce of tomorrow. I am delighted to welcome these eight new apprentices to St. Leger Homes and I hope they have a great start to their future careers.”

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