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Work With Us To Help Make A Difference For You

Our priority is always to listen to our tenants and provide good quality homes that meet your needs.

We’re also here to listen to your complaints and work with you to fix any problems that come up.

If you need us to make a repair or fix something then get in touch on 01302 862 862 or via our website. It’s a 24 hour emergency repair hotline, so if you ever have a genuine emergency do give us a call. If in doubt, give us a shout.

We’ll always aim to sort out repairs quickly, but we are aware that there are now private claim companies increasingly targeting our estates encouraging people to make ‘disrepair claims’ – a term relating to when properties become neglected.

Disrepair claims

We want to make tenants aware of making claims via private companies as many can leave you out of your pocket.

Many of these companies are not reputable and may put you at financial risk. For example, there will usually be ‘Credit Agreement Charges’ of over £500 even on no-win no-fee cases to cover legal cost insurance, and you may also be liable for considerable survey charges.

Don’t put yourself at financial risk. We will robustly contest any legal action, and would much rather work with you to sort your repairs and ensure our money goes into investing into the housing stock of all our tenants.

These companies want to make money out of you and your home – we care about your welfare and living standards – so please be careful before you commit to any agreements with these companies.

We’re aware some disrepair companies and other cold callers have initially claimed to be from St Leger Homes to gain access into tenants’ homes. Always ask for ID of anyone who says they’re from St Leger Homes, especially if they turn up to your house unexpectedly and without an agreed appointment – our staff will not be offended if you phone us to check they are who they say they are.

Beware of bogus callers, burglars and con artists pretending to visit you on behalf of companies like us for their criminal means. We encourage you to report companies who act improperly. Some have gone as far as putting in claims against us without the tenant’s permission or real signature. If someone is fraudulently claiming to represent us, let us know or the police on the 101 non emergency number. Your safety is paramount.

What can you expect if you make a legal claim for disrepair?

One of our surveyors will visit your home to do a survey – they will check for any disrepair and point out what needs to be done. These surveyors have a duty to the court, and courts class our surveyors as expert witnesses.

Our surveyor will also check if we need to charge you for any property damage during your tenancy.

Please note that you could be in breach of your tenancy agreement if you don't keep your home in good condition.

The effect on other tenants

We have a good success rate in relation to defending alleged cases of disrepair. We will always robustly defend such cases via our specialist team who deal with these claims.

Unfortunately, the more money we spend to defend cases, the less we have for repairs, improvements and other services that benefit all tenants. Please think not only about the potential impact on your own finances, but also the effect on other tenants who could benefit from our investment.

Still unsure?

If you’re still unsure about any issues, please get in touch. As a responsible social housing provider, we care about your welfare and want to sure you are happy in your property. Don’t let unscrupulous individuals take advantage of you for their own benefit.



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