St Leger Homes of Doncaster

In an innovative expansion of our services, we are extending gas servicing to people who live in the Doncaster area and who own their own home. This follows excellent customer feedback on what is considered to be a top notch St Leger Homes service. 

“We have some great selling points,” said Jackie Linacre, Head of Repairs and Maintenance. “We can be trusted to provide an excellent service at competitive prices, starting at £55.00 + VAT. Our gas fitters are well-trained, highly-skilled craftspeople and know the Doncaster area well. They are a great choice for people who may have difficulty finding an engineer. 

“We see this as just a start,” said Jackie. “We know that private home owners sometimes find it difficult to find someone to carry out repairs, particularly small repairs. If extending our gas servicing to the privately owned sector proves to be a success, we will look to expanding our services to include other repairs, providing the wider community with a cost effective and trusted solution for housing repairs, regardless of how big or small the repair.” 

St Leger Homes tenants can be assured that they will continue to receive the same level of excellent service and existing arrangements for servicing gas appliances will stay exactly the same. We will contact you with your initial appointment, just as we do now, and there is no charge for the service. 

This new service is available for private home owners from the 1 August 2016 by ringing 01302 862862 (Option 1) from 8.00 am to  7.00 pm, Monday to Friday. Spread the news to your friends, family and neighbours who own their own property.

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