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Voting is now closed for people to choose the 2018 winners of the prestigious Tenants’ Choice Awards. 

The awards recognise excellence and achievements, by local individuals and community groups across Doncaster, who in the last 12 months have been making a positive difference in their local area.

The finalists in each category have been selected by Steve Waddington, Director of Housing Services, and Rodger Haldenby, Vice Chair of the St Leger Homes Board – with the final decision on who will win taken by you, our tenants and residents living in Doncaster communities.Details of the shortlisted candidates appear below.

This year we have once again been overwhelmed by how many people have taken the time to nominate those special individuals who help others in their community for a Tenants’ Choice Award.

Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in July. This will be shared on social media and will also appear in the October issue of HouseProud.


Community Champion

Community Group

Young Person 

Good Neighbour

Lifetime Achievement 


Community Champion

1. Martin Nistor - Vote Now

Martin moved to Doncaster from Slovakia but wanted to continue making a difference for the community that he is from. He has strong values and beliefs, and strives to make sure that the whole community lives together harmoniously.

Martin engages young people in sporting activities to give them a sense of pride and a willingness to belong to the Hexthorpe community. He takes great pride in encouraging people to get together, join in sports, learn about health and wellbeing and link communities to support organisations.

2. John Allard and Steve Ackerman - Vote Now

These two work so hard together that they deserve a joint nomination. They work tirelessly in Denaby to engage the community, and have created a digital hub so people can access resources and learn new skills.They created Party in the Park which is a social activity bringing organisations and the Denaby community together, and have also helped with activities such as cooking sessions at the Craganour TARA. John and Steve put their community at the heart of everything they do.

3. Akeela Mohammed - Vote Now

Akeela helps women and girls, particularly from Islamic and Sikh communities, to access services they would otherwise not have been able to.

She has worked hard to organise female only activity sessions such as swimming and bike riding. These are free of charge and allow people from all backgrounds to come together, get fit and have fun. For some it is the first time they have been able to do something like a bike ride.

Akeela continually looks for ways to bring people together and benefit the community.


Community Group

1. Community Tavern Youth Centre - Vote Now

Previously there was no youth provision in Tickhill, so a member of the community completed a consultation with young people to find out what they wanted. As a result the Community Tavern Youth Centre was created and it now provides activities for young people in the area.
They are continually applying for funding so they can deliver sessions for both younger and older children, and they hope to set up a snooker club and somewhere for older residents to attend. This is a great example of different generations working together.

2. Peacehaven Coffee Club - Vote Now

This community coffee club brings so much to the lives of people in the area. It offers a place to go and provides somewhere to meet people and make new friends.

The coffee club has been running for over 10 years. It hosts fun activities such as bingo and raffles which add a social aspect to the club. These generate money which is donated to charities, and over the years Peacehaven have supported Ben Parkinson, Pilgrim Bandits, the Jasmine Centre and the Partially Sighted Society.

3. DN7 Foodbank - Vote Now

DN7 Foodbank provides support for members of the community who are struggling to provide a meal for their families. They opened their doors in 2015 and have been donating food to families and people in need ever since.
With the increased use of foodbanks today, DN7 have to work very hard so that they they can offer a variety of good quality food for those who need it most. This foodbank is a lifeline for members of the local community.


Young Person

1. Patty Konfiszer - Vote Now

Patty has been a volunteer with St Leger Homes since 2014. She helped to set up the first Junior TARA in Mexborough, where she assisted in running the sessions in which young people had fun whilst learning more about their community.

Since then Patty has developed her skills through activities at Lifewise Centre including developing a play about how bulling affects young people. Her passion for engaging with and supporting young people has also led Patty to work towards gaining a youth qualification. Patty is a humble young person who has worked very hard for her community.

2. Sonya Mulholland - Vote Now

Sonya is closely involved with the Doncaster Keeping Safe Forum. Here she takes part in group events that listen to the experiences of people in our community, and provides support to keep them safe from all types of abuse.
Sonya works to make the voice of the young person heard and has been a key player in the development of St Leger Homes’ Young Persons Participation and Engagement Strategy. She also enjoys volunteering with local charity Doncaster Housing for Young People. She may not always give herself the credit that she fully deserves for all her hard work, but Sonya is truly an amazing young lady.

3. Morgan Tiplady - Vote Now

Morgan is a student at Trinity Academy, and was recently presented with the ‘Good Citizen Award’. She volunteers at Thorne Moorends Community Hub and Foodbank to help others in her community. She loves to help and be part of the group, and attends as often as she can.
Morgan helps to register people when they arrive, offers advice and assistance, and helps people find support if they need it. By helping others Morgan is growing as a person, developing her own skills, and enriching her life through her hard work and volunteering.

4. Ewan Ogden - Vote Now

Ewan is a hardworking young person who has volunteered to work on projects with St Leger Homes. He created a way for young people to engage with us and help shape our services, and then shared this with the other students in his school. Ewan then analysed the results he had collected and presented them to St Leger Homes to inform how we engage with young people.
Ewan is a driven young person who is keen to learn and develop his own skills. He is a committed volunteer, a fantastic student, and a hard worker.

Good Neighbour

1. Christine Jaques and David Tipler - Vote Now

Christine and David look after people who live in a row of bungalows. They always check up on people in the street to make sure that they are alright and if they need any help. They are what define a good neighbour. They always check on you if they have not seen you. They help to cut the grass and do the garden. They throw a Christmas party every year and everyone in the bungalows are invited. They have also held summer BBQ’s to get everyone together. They help reduce social isolation, they bring everyone together and make everyone feel welcome.

2. Madge Taylor - Vote Now

Madge is a hands on tenant in Edlington and always has a smile on her face. She looks after her neighbours and uses the community building to put on activities for the neighbours. She organises games of bingo and a lunch club. Madge helps with Edlington’s Independent Food Share since 2016, whereby she helps fill in paperwork and offers help to people who attend. Madge really does have a heart of gold and always greets anyone with a friendly smile. She does so much for her local community. 

Lifetime Achievement

1. Maureen Tennison - Vote Now

For years Mo has worked tirelessly for residents, showing dedication and passion for everything she is involved in.

Mo was a driving force behind Edlington Royal TARA. The village has seen difficult times with anti-social behaviour and Mo has always given people a way to resolve their issues. She was a strong supporter of the Community Cop Shop - a point of contact for residents and the police that gave people the opportunity to speak in confidence.

With the Friends of Martin Wells Lake group, Mo took an active role in transforming the site into a local beauty spot. Mo is a valued member of Edlington Community Organisation, always willing to turn her hand to any task. If it is too physical, such as erecting Christmas Market stalls, she still comes along to happily make tea and sandwiches to support the staff and volunteers.

2. Mick and Glenys Hennessey - Vote Now

Mick and Glenys have had a big involvement with their community for a number of years. They help to fundraise for many local charities, and support groups such as the Allotments Association; their local Tenants and Residents group; and the Town Council.

They launched the Thorne and Moorends Foodbank and the couple engage with organisations across the borough to provide a way for their foodbank customers to access any extra support that they may need.

This shows the work, effort and commitment Mick and Glenys have given to their local community. Having won the Community Champions award last year they continue to support their friends and neighbours.

3. Sue O’Connell - Vote Now

Sue is an asset to the Balby Bridge TARA and the community. As the TARAs chairperson she is inspirational and makes sure people feel welcome. Everybody in the community knows they can go to her to raise issues or concerns. Sue always knows where to resolve problems and make sure people live happily.

She has played key roles working with St Leger Homes to share messages around homelessness, helped the community understand how the processes worked to deal with anti-social behaviour on the estate, and made sure the community understood the need for safety measures raised after the Grenfell disaster.

Sue always offers support and guidance wherever she can. She is an amazing lady and really deserves recognition for all the work she has done over the years and will continue to do.


Voting closes on Friday 1st June 2018.

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