St Leger Homes of Doncaster

St. Leger Homes is going the extra mile to protect its tenants by installing carbon monoxide alarms in the properties it manages on behalf of Doncaster Council.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas which cannot be seen or smelt. It can be produced by any form of combustion, and danger in the home can be caused by boilers or heating appliances which develop a fault. It can also enter a home from a neighbouring property.

St. Leger Homes uses its expert in-house gas and solid fuel servicing team to carry out annual checks on all of its properties which have these types of heating. The engineers will install the new CO alarms when they attend to carry out these checks.  All St. Leger Homes properties which have gas or solid fuel heating are due to have an alarm installed by July 2015, and tenants do not need to contact the company to request them.

Susan Jordan, Chief Executive of St. Leger Homes, said: “The safety of our tenants is a top priority. We have taken the decision to install these alarms as an extra precaution, even though they are not currently required by law.”

St. Leger Homes has an outstanding record for health and safety management and has been awarded the British Safety Council’s highest accolade, the Sword of Honour, for the past three years.

Carbon monoxide poisoning kills around 50 people and seriously injures nearly 200 in the UK each year. Symptoms are similar to flu or feeling tired, and can include headaches, dizziness and breathlessness. Anyone who suspects they are suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning should turn off cooking and heating appliances, open windows, get out of the house and call us.

For people who own their own houses, CO alarms are available from DIY stores and are quick and easy to install. Portable versions can be used to provide protection in caravans and holiday homes.




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