St Leger Homes of Doncaster

St Leger Homes of Doncaster is launching its new Fairness and Equality Statement today, setting out how the company will advance fairness, equality and diversity for all customers and staff.

The local not for profit housing provider currently manages over 20,000 homes for Doncaster Council – and has consistently put the needs of its tenants at the heart of its work, particularly trying to reach individuals from minorities and hard to reach groups.

The statement is underpinned by five commitments:

  • To understand customers and support their needs
  • To ensure the organisation is a leader in inclusion and fairness
  • To engage customers effectively, foster good relations and advance equality in local communities
  • To fulfil safeguarding responsibilities to the highest standards
  • To develop a progressive and diverse workforce, in a workplace free from discrimination and harassment.

Paul Tanney, Chief Executive of St Leger Homes, said:

“This Fairness and Equality Statement underlines our commitment to go further than just meeting our legal obligations under the Equality Act. We want to ensure as an organisation we are leading the way in creating a fairer, more inclusive environment for everyone in Doncaster.

“As a customer-focussed organisation, we always aim to put our diverse customers and communities at the heart of our work. People deserve high quality homes and services which really meet their individual needs.

“We also want everyone within St Leger Homes to be ambassadors for fairness and equality, making this a great place to work and ensuring every day that we are meeting the needs of our customers and staff.”

You can read the Fairness and Equality Statement in full here.



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