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Fire fighters have worked with St. Leger Homes to carry out a training exercise for safely dealing with potential fires in high rise blocks.

Around 25 fire fighters from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue were involved in the training which took place at Westminster House in Intake. The exercise was organised in partnership with St. Leger Homes, and a number of tenants living in the block also took part in the event.

During the exercise the fire fighters “rescued” a tenant volunteer and a number of rescue training dummies from an empty flat on the seventh floor. The flat was filled with a harmless synthetic smoke to simulate the conditions of a real fire.

This training exercise gives fire fighters an opportunity to practise their procedures and gain valuable experience of dealing with incidents inside high rise blocks. It also helps to ensure that St. Leger Homes has robust plans in place to safeguard tenants should fire break out in the high rise blocks it manages.

Station Manager Steve Copp, said: “Thankfully, large scale incidents such as this are quite rare, but testing our crews with ‘live’ exercises is vital to ensure they are prepared if something like this does occur. On arrival the crews will be faced with a difficult rescue scenario. They had to work very hard to recover the casualties and bring the exercise to a successful conclusion.”

Sean Rodgers, St. Leger Homes Health and Safety Advisor, said: “This exercise is very important for both fire fighters and our tenants. It provides the fire fighters with vital experience of dealing with any potential incidents in high rise blocks so they can keep people safe should a real fire occur. I would like to thank all the tenants living at Westminster House for letting us carry out this exercise.”

Tenant Claire Golding, who took part in the exercise, said: “It is very good that the fire service and St. Leger Homes do these drills and that we as a community help them. If there was a real situation it could help to save lives, not just of residents but also the fire fighters themselves.”

Click here to watch a video of the exercise on our Youtube channel.

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