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Preventing Frozen or Burst Pipes

To help prevent pipes bursting:

  • Keep your heating on constantly, even if on low, during the night;
  • Open the loft hatch, this will help warm air circulate to the attic and prevent the pipes in your loft from freezing;
  • Open doors on kitchen cupboards that are on exterior walls to allow warm air to circulate around any pipes inside the cupboard;
  • If you are going on holiday, or will be away from your home during a cold spell, turn your water off at the mains. This will help prevent potential burst pipes while you are away.

Know where your stop tap is so you can turn the water off quickly!

The stop tap is a valve on the cold water system in your home. Turn the stop tap clockwise to shut it off and anti-clockwise to turn it back on.

Regularly check that your stop tap is working by running the cold water tap in your kitchen and then turning the stop tap off (clockwise). If the water doesn’t stop running, contact the Customer Access Team straight away. Remember to turn the water back on (anti-clockwise).  

If a pipe does burst:

  • Turn off the water at the stop tap.

  • Try and block the escaping water with thick cloths or towels.

  • Open all taps to reduce flooding.

  • Call the Customer Access Team right away.
  • Don't forget to turn off your taps once the problem is fixed!



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