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Unfortunately there was an incident of flooding at Westminster House in Intake last night (Thursday 20th September). A small number of surrounding properties were also affected. We are doing everything possible to manage this situation and provide assistance and reassurance to the residents affected.

The flooding was a result of heavy rainfall, but was exacerbated by the pump house at Leger Way failing. The pump house is the responsibility of Yorkshire Water who were on site last night and this morning to identify what caused the failure and establish prevention measures.

There was approximately one foot of water in Westminster House and two feet in the car park. Three ground floor properties flooded and the tenants relocated to alternative accommodation. Water also entered the lift shaft and as a result the lift was out of order for a number of hours – however this has now been restored.

We had various staff working on site last night alongside South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue (SYFR) and Yorkshire Water. SYFR pumped water out of the building and lift shaft; Yorkshire Water were mending the pump house; and, our staff were on site to engage with tenants, deal with concerns regarding electricity and to do general cleaning and repairs. We have arranged via Doncaster Council for more sand bags to be supplied and these are now on site.

We continue to have officers out on site today and it is now possible for tenants to access the flats. Work to remove the water had continued throughout the day and we have managed to get the lift working and tests to electrical circuits have been completed to ensure safety.  We have additional staff on duty over the weekend to ensure we are on hand to help tenants who need it and respond to any further issues.

We are treating this incident very seriously and doing everything possible to get the matter sorted as quickly as possible. We will continue to give assistance to tenants and would ask anyone with any questions or concerns to contact us directly on 01302 862862.

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