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We're working closely with the Police and Council to tackle anti-social behaviour across Doncaster.

At the end of March officers in Doncaster issued their first residential closure notice for antisocial behaviour (ASB), at an address in Balby. The decision to issue the notice was taken after local residents had made a number of reports, over their concerns for the property and the wider negative impact it was having on the community.

To combat and address the concerns raised, Superintendent Colin Mcfarlane, Inspector Lynne Lancaster, ourselves and Doncaster Council, took robust action in a bid to directly tackle the issue, prevent further criminal activity and increase community safety.

Under the notice issued, police were able to temporarily lock down the property and prevent anyone, apart from the resident, from visiting or entering. To enforce the closure notice on a more permanent basis, the case was taken to Doncaster Magistrates Court yesterday (Tuesday 11th April) to be heard before a Judge.

After presenting the facts and numerous witness testimonies, police have now been granted the right to closure for another three months and the resident was given until 5pm yesterday to collect his belongings.

Inspector Lynne Lancaster who was involved in issuing the notice, said:

“This property has been causing distress and upset within the local and surrounding community for some time now. To address this we have, with help and support from the local residents, St Leger Homes and the Council, been able to issue the first residential closure notice in Doncaster and effectively remove the threat posed them.

“The decision to use a closure notice was taken as previous action we have enforced was not ceasing the behaviour, causing further disruption to the surrounding community. I hope our response demonstrates to everyone that we are committed to removing threats and I hope local communities will now feel reassured that all appropriate action will be taken to achieve this.

“Once again I would like to thank all of the residents and our partners at the council as without their support and engagement with officers; we would not have been able to achieve this result.”

Steve Waddington, Director of Housing Services at St Leger Homes, said:

“We continue to work closely with the police to ensure our tenants and other local residents are protected from nuisance behaviour – and we are pleased that this residential closure notice has been successful.

“We believe that everyone has the right to live in a quality neighbourhood free from anti-social and disruptive actions – this decision shows that the police will take tough action on behalf of local communities where it’s necessary.”

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