St Leger Homes of Doncaster

Fire safety statement

The Government has asked for samples from all Local Authorities with ACM Cladding on their High Rise Blocks.  ACM cladding is the cladding on the Grenfell Tower Block.

In Doncaster, none of our High Rise Blocks have ACM cladding, however we have identified ACM type decorative capping on part of one of our High Rise Blocks.

A sample of this was sent to the Government for testing, this came back as having partial fire retardant properties.  As a precaution, a local decision has been taken to remove this element from the High Rise Block in question and replace it with a fully fire resistant decorative capping. This work has started this week.

None of the other High Rise Blocks in Doncaster have any of the other ACM type material, and none of our cladding is ACM type material.

If any of our residents have any queries or concerns, they can contact our Customer Care Team on 01302 862726 or email us at: 

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