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Creating Successful, Thriving and Sustainable Tenancies

Having an effective housing management service is very important to St Leger Homes as it allows us to ensure that we meet our commitments to customers.

Over the last two years we have made a lot of changes to the way we provide housing management, all designed to improve the services we deliver and the communities we serve. The way we approach housing management has recently been recognised by the National Federation of ALMO’s and held up as good practice nationally.

We have now launched our first Housing Management Strategy, which has been developed through consultation with tenants and partners. Our vision for the strategy is ‘Creating Successful, Thriving, and Sustainable Tenancies’, and it has four main objectives, linked to our Corporate Plan, which are:

Objective 1 – We will contribute to creating attractive and safe neighbourhoods where people want to live

Objective 2 - We will create successful, thriving and sustainable tenancies

Objective 3 – We will deliver consistent and excellent services with a well-managed and productive workforce, delivering value for money across all services

Objective 4 - Contribute to wider agendas and be respected by our partners with a good record of accomplishment of delivery

You can download and read our Housing Management Strategy by clicking here.



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