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Changes To Advertising Properties Via HomeChoice

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Local housing provider St Leger Homes of Doncaster has today announced changes to the way it advertises properties via Doncaster HomeChoice, helping improve the system for people applying for homes.

St Leger Homes has listened to its customers and is focused on reducing the time properties are empty, and one of the changes is reducing the advertising cycle from five days down to four days – this means the process will close on Sundays instead of Mondays.

From Thursday 1st August 2019, the length of time a property is advertised and available for people to bid on will reduce by 1 day.  Properties will still be advertised, from 00.01am on a Thursday, but the advertising cycle will now end at 23.59 on Sunday rather than at 23.59 on Monday.

Paul Tanney, Chief Executive of St Leger Homes, said:

“We want to have a system that works quickly and effectively as possible for our customers – and we are delighted that this change will speed up the process for everyone.

“We are listening to what our customers tell us they want and their bidding activity shows that the majority of people bid at the beginning of the advertising cycle rather than towards the end of the current process. For example 71% of people put their bids in on a Thursday, with only 6% putting in bids on the Monday.

“This change will free up HomeChoice officers to re-house people quicker.”

The Assisted Bidding process which helps vulnerable customers, or those with specific needs, will remain in place and is unaffected.



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