St Leger Homes of Doncaster

We are aware of a number of incidents where tenants have been approached via telephone by bogus callers pretending to be calling from St Leger Homes in order to carry out 'urgent repair work'. The most recent incidents have been reported in the East Area of Doncaster, but we would ask all tenants to be aware and vigilant.

We would like to remind tenants that St Leger Homes staff will always introduce themselves and present formal ID when they arrive at your property, and that you should always check through this identification.

If you have any doubts or concerns about identity when receiving a telephone call from one of our operatives, we advise you end the call and ring us back on our single use number - 01302 862862 - we will then be able to ensure you are speaking to a genuine operative who can give appropriate advice.

If it turns out that you have received a bogus call, it is important that this is reported to the police on their non-emergency number so that it can be properly investigated and recorded.

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