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The next phase of the Universal Credit roll-out, known as ‘Full Service’ is coming to Doncaster on 11th October. This may affect your money – are you ready?

St Leger Homes of Doncaster is offering advice to all it’s working age tenants in receipt of benefits as the changes could affect the amount of money tenants receive and the way in which it is paid.

From 11th October, people making new applications for a number of benefits will be moved onto Universal Credit. It will also affect those people already claiming benefits who have a change in circumstances.

All claims will have to be managed online via a claimant’s own ‘online benefit account’. This includes receiving appointments from the Jobcentre, advising them of changes in circumstances and other correspondence.

Those moving onto Universal Credit need to be aware that:

  • They will need an active bank account or credit union account    
  • They will have to wait around six weeks for their first payment to be made into their bank account but can claim an advance from the Jobcentre      
  • They will need their own email address and regular internet access        
  • There will be no opportunity to back date claims

Who will it affect?    

At first, anyone of working age making a new claim for Housing Benefit; Child Tax Credit; Income support; Working Tax Credit; Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance or Income-related Employment and Support Allowance will automatically be directed onto Universal Credit.   

These ‘old-style’ benefits will be closed down to any new claims.    

The only exception to this are families with three or more children, who will still claim ‘old-style’ benefits until November 2018.   

This does not affect pensioners.    

Tax Credits are less generous under Universal Credit, so if you haven’t yet claimed, use our calculator to find out if you can still get tax credits and the last date to claim by checking

How can St Leger Homes help?

  • Money management advice – visit our moneywise website at or contact us on 01302 862862 and ask for the Financial Inclusion Team to will ensure you get the help you need, including;        
    • Our team of specialist support staff                    
    • Referrals to external support providers                 
    • Help to set up a Credit Union account to pay bills, help you save or access affordable credit access and we’ll even pay your set up costs!  

Paul Tanney, Chief Executive at St Leger Homes, said:

“The next phase of Universal Credit is coming to Doncaster on 11th October and we want to ensure people are prepared, as we know that under the Government’s changes many of our tenants could lose money if they are not able to make their claim promptly.

“We are working closely with our Council colleagues and local Jobcentre staff to ensure people have access to appropriate support across Doncaster. If you need further assistance do ring 01302 862862 and ask for our Financial Inclusion Team, or email direct to – we’re happy to help.”

More information on Universal Credit and further money management advice that St Leger Homes can offer, please visit:

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