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New Young Person’s Accommodation Opens In Borough

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Two new properties for young people moving out of care opened this month, thanks to an exciting partnership between Doncaster Children’s Services Trust, Doncaster Council and St Leger Homes.

This news follows the success of a young person’s accommodation scheme which launched in Cantley in 2018, helping prepare young people learn skills for independent living – and means they will no longer have to rely on expensive private supported accommodation provided outside the borough.

The organisations have looked at different ways they could make a difference to more young people lives, listening to what they needed to achieve, to feel safe and equipped ready to live on their own.

Doncaster Children’s Services Trust has developed a bespoke package of support which focuses on emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as helping develop the skills needed for the young people to live and care for themselves.

Through the programme, young people learn life skills such as shopping for best value, cooking healthy meals on a budget, as well as how to keep their home clean and well maintained. Once the young people have competed the course, they then get to practice their new skills by moving into the supported accommodation scheme.

Initially, four young people who have already been supported by Doncaster Children’s Services Trust will live in the two new properties.

The young people on the project have said:  

“It’s good because you don’t get distressed. It helps teenagers like us become adults of the world.”

“The project is mint. We can’t wait to tell other young people in care to come on it you get lots of support.”

Mags Silvester, Housing Independence Manager for Doncaster Children’s Services Trust, said:  

“It’s great to see the amount of accommodation for young care leavers in Doncaster is growing – offering young people the chance to live independently with the support from youth workers, social workers and other agencies where needed. We hope this new accommodation will help these young people to take those first steps towards living on their own so they can hopefully move on to their own tenancies in Doncaster in due course. We are very thankful for the wonderful work and dedication of our partners at Doncaster Council and St Leger Homes, none of this would have been possible without them.”

Councillor Rachael Blake, Cabinet Member for Children’s Social Care, Communities and Equalities, said:

“This is a fantastic example of partners coming together to offer a service that provides support for our care leavers to ensure they have the best possible start to adulthood. These properties will help give these young people the wider skills and confidence to make sure they can have a happy and independent future.”

Councillor Glyn Jones, Cabinet Member for Housing and Business, said:

“It’s great that these two new properties will offer tailored support, services and accommodation that meet the unique needs of each individual. Alongside this, we will see substantial savings to the public purse by providing our own accommodation locally, rather than using private providers outside the borough. We are proud that we are offering safe and secure homes that will ensure our young care leavers can continue to live locally and build on their existing connections and relationships, ensuring they can secure their own tenancies going forward – living and working locally, playing an active part in Doncaster’s future.”

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