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Gas Servicing – Stay Safe

Did you know that we carry out an annual gas service on every St Leger Homes property that has a gas meter or a gas fire or boiler – and at the same time we carry out a visual check of any gas cooker? This helps keep you, your neighbours and your home safe.

It’s important we can access your home to carry out this essential work

We will send a letter to you approximately 2 weeks ahead of your gas servicing appointment – it’s essential you call us if the date we suggest isn’t convenient on 01302 862862. (If we don’t hear anything, we will assume the date and time is OK for you.)

At the moment our letters are being sent with appointment slots either for AM (8am–12pm), School Run is 9:30am–2pm or PM is (12pm to 4pm).

We will also send a text reminder to you 24 hours before the service is due to take place. We appreciate things can change in the space of 2 weeks, so do let us know if the time is no longer convenient by ringing 01302 862862.

So how can you help us?

  1. Let us know straight away if the time for your gas service is not convenient. This way we will not waste time and resources coming out when no-one will be in – and we can ensure someone else gets the visit they need.
  2. Ensure we have an up-to-date telephone number for you. You can update your contact details and other communications preferences by visiting:

Please help us to help you stay safe!



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