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Local housing provider St Leger Homes has revealed how an external wall improvement programme is delivering environmental improvements for local residents in Balby – and that the scheme will be rolled out to other areas across the borough over the next 4 years.

Working to support Doncaster Council’s drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate fuel poverty, St Leger Homes has been installing external wall insulation on the 1,800 Council homes in Doncaster that have solid walls. 

The £15m environmental improvement programme commenced in Balby in 2019 and to date 140 homes have been improved – a further 268 are presently being improved and these will be completed in phases from the end of March to June 2021. The scheme will reduce fuel bills for residents as well as reducing Doncaster’s carbon footprint.

Dave Richmond, Chief Executive of St Leger Homes, said:

“We are working closely with Doncaster Council to meet their target of all public institutions, businesses and communities delivering an 85% reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2040 in order to tackle the climate and biodiversity emergency we face locally, nationally and globally.

“We are delighted that this environmental programme is already proving to be a great success for residents in Balby – and we are looking forward to rolling out the scheme to other areas across the borough.

“When our external wall improvement programme is finished the amount of greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 1,800 tonnes per year. This environmental improvement programme is great for Doncaster, fantastic for the planet and good news for residents too as they can expect to save in the region of £260 per year in reduced fuel bills.”

Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster, said:

“We are committed to raising property standards so Doncaster residents can live in comfortable surroundings and not have to worry about fuel poverty. This thermal improvement programme is set to enhance the energy efficiency of homes across the Doncaster borough which saves people money and importantly has climate change benefits by reducing carbon emissions. The scheme is having a positive impact on the look and feel of our local communities helping to make them more attractive places to live. It also complements the work we’re doing on private homes, for which we have secured funding, and are applying for more, to assist over 300 homeowners this year.”

Cllr Glyn Jones, Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Housing and Equalities, said:

“All of our residents deserve to live in good quality homes and this project is one of the many schemes we are delivering which will make a big difference. Making these older properties better insulated will mean people use less energy, reduce their bills and has vital environmental benefits.”

The other areas which will benefit from this external wall insulation investment for properties with solid walls over the next 4 years are:


















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