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Coronavirus - Q&As For Tenants


Below are a list of commonly asked questions and answers around coronavirus.

Please also read this letter which will be going to all tenants in January 2021, which contains more information about our services and current arrangements.

Q. What services are you providing at the moment?

In line with current Government guidance, we are delivering all our core services. All work is being undertaken in accordance with social distancing guidance and we ask all tenants to bear with us whilst these extra safety measures are in place. You can watch a video here which shows what you need to do when we visit.

Q. I have a problem, can I visit my local St Leger Homes office to discuss this?

All our receptions are closed, apart from the reception at the Civic Building. The Civic Building reception is only open enquiries that cannot be dealt with over the phone.

Q. I have a non-urgent repair, what do I do?

If you have previously reported a scheduled repair, due to a small backlog, we may need to contact you to complete the repair in another delivery month. Please be assured we will contact you to let you know if this is the case, there is no need for you to ring us. Please be assured that your repair will not be forgotten about.

Q. Now core services have resumed, can I expect the same delivery and timescales for work to be carried out?

Whilst we will always put customer service and the needs of tenants first, we appreciate there might be some delays to what we would be able to deliver in normal circumstances, and we ask for your understanding with this. Additionally, with the majority of our staff are still working remotely, we realise there may be increased waits when phoning us and other technological challenges. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and we are doing everything possible to overcome these problems.

Q. I am self-isolating as I or a member of my family has the symptoms of coronavirus, what should I do?

Please let us know by calling us on 01302 862 862. Please understand that we will not visit your home during your period of isolation, unless it is an emergency – this is to prevent the risk of spreading the virus to other vulnerable people. Any staff who do need to visit your property during a period of self-isolation for emergency reasons will be following Public Health guidance with regard to the protective clothing they need to wear – this is to protect yourself and our member of staff. 

Q. I have been advised to shield because I am Clinically Extremely Vulnerable - can I ask you not to come to my property?

If you have been advised to shield because you are clinically extremely vulnerable and wish to postpone any work already arranged, please let us know. Unfortunately this may mean the work will be set to one to one side to be delivered as and when resources allow and that we will not be able to give a definite date when this will happen. Please let us know by calling us on 01302 862 862.

Q. I have a gas servicing appointment scheduled, will this be taking place?

Even though there are Government restrictions in place, to comply with Government guidance we still need to visit your property to carry out gas or solid fuel servicing, as this is important for your own health and safety. Our servicing programme starts again in February 2021. Please do however contact us nearer the time if you have any specific concerns in this regard. 

Q. I am struggling to pay my rent, what can I do?

If you are struggling, or anticipate having difficulty paying your rent, you should contact your local housing office as soon as possible on 01302 862 862 – our trained income management officers and tenancy support officers will give support and advice wherever possible. Our advisors will also be able to signpost to other support where appropriate, for example via our Tenancy Sustainability Team or via partner organisations.

If you need help or advice regarding your energy bills, please visit:

Q. Is Doncaster HomeChoice still operating its Choice Based Lettings system and allowing people to bid on properties?


Q. I am worried that I am about to become homeless – are your homelessness services still operating?

Yes, our homelessness services is continuing to operate. If you require homeless support the number to ring is 01302 736 000 during office hours (Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm) – and 01302 323 444 outside of office hours.

Q. I am on my own and need some extra help and support, what can i do?

The Social Isolation and Loneliness Alliance (SIA) is a collaboration of partners from the public, voluntary, community and faith sectors who are committed to reducing social isolation and loneliness in Doncaster. Anyone who needs help or advice or has no other support can ring the SIA Helpline seven days a week Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 8am to 6pm on 01302 430322.

Q. I want to hand my keys in, what do I need to do?

You are still permitted to move house and if you need to drop off keys to your property, you can only do so at the following 4 offices:

  • Civic Building, Town Centre – keys can be handed in at the counter in a sealed envelope. Write the property address on the outside of the envelope before handing over
  • St Leger Homes’ Offices at Bridge Street, Thorne; Adwick Town Hall, Adwick; and the Mexborough Business Centre, College Road, Mexborough. Put the keys in a sealed envelope, write the property address on the outside and post in the external St Leger Homes post box.

Please do not post your keys back into your property.

Q. My relative is one of your tenants and has sadly passed away, what do I do?

We are sorry to hear of your loss. Please refer to the question above (Q. I want to hand my keys in, what do I need to do?).

If you are unable to clear the property due to self-isolating, we would ask that hold on to the keys until you are able to clear the property. At this point we will allow two weeks rent free weeks to give you time to clear the property and return the keys.

Q. I am suffering domestic abuse and need support, where can I get help?

If you, or someone you know, is being abused please call the Police  always call 999 if it is an emergency. You can also call the Doncaster Domestic Abuse Hub for advice and information 01302 737080. You can ask for help using the online form at – and there is further helpful information and advice on this website.

Q. I need more advice about the coronavirus, where can I get this information?

For the latest information and advice about the coronavirus, please check out the Public Health Doncaster site here:

Q. Will you be reopening your communal halls?

Communal halls/centres remain closed to the public. You may see some of our staff using these premises, but this is for welfare purposes only and following a full risk assessment.

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