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Claiming Universal Credit? Report your rent change!

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To avoid missing out on money you are entitled to, it is important you tell Universal Credit about the change to your rent charge. When you do this, your Housing Costs will increase based on the new amount.

You will have received a letter from St Leger Homes in March 2022 advising you of a change to your WEEKLY rent charge.

Your WEEKLY rent will have changed 04 April 2022 and the letter you have received in MAy 2022 will tell you how much your new rent is.

It is IMPORTANT you report this change on your Universal Credit immediately based on the change on 04 April 2022.

If you do not report the change, you will be underpaid, miss out on money you are entitled to and will not receive the correct amount of Universal Credit to pay your rent.

This means, you will have to pay the shortfall yourself.

How to report your rent change

Here are the simple steps you must take to report the rent change.

You will need:

  • Access to the internet
  • Your rent change letter sent in March 2022
1. Log onto your online Universal Credit journal ASAP
2. Click on the new To Do item called ‘Confirm your housing costs’
3. It will ask ‘Did your housing costs change on 4th April 2022?’ Click ‘Yes’ then click ‘Continue

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4. It will ask ‘Are you still charged weekly for your rent?’ Click ‘Yes

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5. It will then ask ‘How much is your new rent per week?’ Enter the exact new weekly amount you are charged – you can find this on the rent change letter that you received in March

6. Finally, it may ask ‘Are you still charged weekly for your service charges?' If you do have service charges click ‘Yes’ and then enter your service charge amount – you can find this on the rent change letter that you received in March. If you do not have service charges on your rent change letter, click no. Then continue. You may have to enter £0.00 in the amount.

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If you need any help reporting the changes to your rent, please contact us on 01302 862862 (option 2) and we will be able to assist you over the telephone.

If you are claiming Housing Benefit, we will report the change for you.

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