St Leger Homes of Doncaster

Annual Review 2015/16

Welcome to this year’s annual review where we look back on our highlights from the last financial year and profile some of the projects that have made a difference to you, your home and your community. 

As an award-winning local housing provider, we maintain over 20,000 homes for Doncaster Council. We see our job as about being more than just supplying bricks and mortar.

The Annual Review outlines what has been a positive year for us, reflected in:

  • Several award wins;
  • 73,637 repairs being carried out;
  • 100% of gas appliances being serviced;
  • The number of people living in temporary accommodation being reduced from 149 to 85;
  • 24 people being supported to find paid employment, 28 people gaining 112 new qualifications and 2,100 training hours provided through the World of Work scheme.


Customer satisfaction is important to us. Good performance is when we do the job right, listen to people and go out and deliver. We use our skills and resources to deliver the best we can, in the most effective and efficient way possible.

We want to deliver with pride, passion and performance in everything we do – working together to make Doncaster a place we can all be proud of. That’s the theme of this year’s Annual Review.

Annual Review 2015-16
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