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Standard 5: Value for money
How we provide value for money.
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Image showing £8 million saving

We know how important it is to get the very best value from every pound we spend. In 2011/12 we committed to saving £8 million over the following four years. We are on target to achieve this.

What will the savings help deliver?

The money we have saved will contribute to Doncaster Council’s programme to build 240 new council homes over the next five years.

Our efficiency savings have also made it possible to set up the Welfare Support Fund which is helping our tenants who have been affected by the recent changes to benefits.

The rents that we charge

The average rent we charge is the lowest of all council housing providers in South Yorkshire, and this has been the case for several years. As you will see in the results of our Annual Satisfaction Survey 90% of our customers told us the rent they paid was value for money.

Working more efficiently on non-urgent repairs

This was the first full year in which we carried out non-urgent repairs under our new Scheduled Repairs Programme. This means that we plan ahead so we can carry out a large batch of non-urgent repairs in one area of Doncaster at a time. Before this our trades workers had to travel longer distances between homes where repairs were needed. The new way of working saves time so more repairs can be completed each day. It also costs less in fuel for our vans, and driving less is also better for the environment.

Making savings through the way we procure materials and services 

During the final 2-year phase of our Decent Homes programme (April 2012 - March 2015) we will save over £5 million by negotiating with our building contractors and finding better ways of working. Our procurement team has already made a saving of approximately £4 million through effective management of contracts, more cost-effective use of resources and improved negotiations for the cost of materials.

The procurement team deals with buying materials and managing our external contracts.

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