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Standard 2: Tenancy

How we make the best use of the available housing in Doncaster taking into account your needs and those of future customers.

A member of the public asks for advice at a St. Leger Homes office.
A member of the public asks for advice at a St. Leger Homes office.

Doncaster Council awarded us a new five year rolling Management Agreement contract to include new services such as right-to-buy and homelessness. This is a sign that the Council has confidence in us.

We need to be sure that we make the best use of our homes whilst taking into consideration the needs and aspirations of our tenants.

To do this we offer opportunities for tenants to exchange their tenancy with that of another social housing tenant through a mutual exchange.

Safeguarding people

We work with other agencies to protect the safety and well-being of vulnerable people living in Doncaster. One way we do this is through training all of our staff to recognise the signs of abuse and to report any concerns they may have that someone is being abused.

There are different types of abuse including physical harm, sexual abuse, taking money or keeping someone without enough money (financial abuse), neglect, and discrimination. Our staff know how to spot the danger signs and are always willing to give a helping hand to people who may be suffering from abuse.

We dealt with 212 safeguarding cases and made 500 referrals to other support agencies during the year.

We are members of the Doncaster Safeguarding Children Board and the Doncaster Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board, and this means we can work together with others to help prevent abuse and to support victims.

Benefit support

In 2013 the Government made significant changes to benefits,  including the spare room deduction to Housing Benefit. 

A Welfare Reform Support Fund was set up to help our tenants who are struggling to pay their rent as a result of this change. It provides short-term support to people while they make changes which will make it easier to pay their rent in future years.

 We are also supporting those affected by:

  • Working with South Yorkshire Credit Union (SYCU) to encourage local people to open accounts.
  • Working with Doncaster Refurnish to try to cover the costs of moving.
  • Referring people to other money advice services.
  • Running a Money Madness training course to encourage people to think about what they spend.



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