St Leger Homes of Doncaster
Standard 3: Homes
The quality of the homes we rent and how well we run our repairs and maintenance service.
Carrying out a repair at a tenant's home.
Carrying out a repair at a tenant's home.

We manage 21,000 council homes efficiently and aim to provide a repairs and maintenance service that offers value for money and is fair to all tenants.

In addition to our standard repairs and maintenance we entered the final phase of our Decent Homes programme.

We have changed the way we run our Garden Maintenance Service so that it is now available to all of our tenants. The service is competitively priced and is particularly helpful to customers who find it difficult to carry out physical work themselves.

Decent Homes

We began the final two-year phase of our programme to bring all properties up to the Doncaster Decent Homes Standard. This includes more than £32 million worth of upgrades transforming over 6,000 homes.

Our surveyors inspected the properties and decided which ones needed the improvements. They include refurbishing kitchens and bathrooms, rewiring, roof replacement and pointing.

We are working with two construction partners to carry out the upgrades. As part of their contract these companies are supporting the Doncaster community by using local workers and suppliers.

We have also used our own trades staff to deliver some of these upgrades.

Improving neighbourhoods

As well as upgrading homes we have invested £779,000 in improving the area around the properties we manage. This has included installing fencing around communal areas where our tenants had asked for an extra level of security. Other projects included:

Increasing security for tenants in our flats at Galsworthy Close, Balby, by installing new communal entrance doors. We also fenced in the area around the blocks.

Creating parking spaces for tenants who live in our bungalows for older people at Almond Avenue, Armthorpe. There was too little space to park on the road, and some residents needed to park closer because of mobility problems.

New parking spaces installed near our bungalows for older people in Armthorpe.
New parking spaces installed near our bungalows for older people in Armthorpe.



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