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Susan Jordan
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By Susan Jordan and Alan Tolhurst
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Members of our Annual Review Panel

Hello and welcome to our new look Annual Review. 

We asked our tenants and customers what information was important to them and how they would like it presented… so here is a much clearer, brighter and easier to read Annual Review. 

2013/2014 has been an interesting, challenging and successful year. Some highlights include: 

The renewal of our Management Agreement with Doncaster Council for five years with an on-going five year rolling contract. 

The launch of our World of Work Academy which grows from strength to strength. 

Working hard with our tenants to help them cope with the challenges of benefit reform. 

Receiving accolades for our Customer Service Excellence and for our Health and Safety work. 

We continue to deliver the services which matter most to our tenants and customers, and are proud to do so. 

But, enough from us – let the Annual Review do the talking, we hope you enjoy it! 

Best wishes 

Susan Jordan 

Chief Executive of St. Leger Homes of Doncaster 


Alan Tolhurst 

Chair of the St. Leger Homes of Doncaster Board

By the Annual Review Panel

We have worked with St. Leger Homes over several months to put together this Annual Review. 

Our aim has been to design a customer-led publication which helps people to find out more about St. Leger Homes of Doncaster. This is important because the company’s work affects the life of many people living in our town. 

St. Leger Homes manages around 21,000 Doncaster Council houses and supports lots of projects to help improve quality of life in our communities. It also works with its tenants who ask for help to prevent falling into debt and rent arrears, and this has been particularly important following the changes to benefits in April 2013. 

This Annual Review looks at the company’s performance from April 2013 to March 2014. It covers subjects including repairs and maintenance, Decent Homes work, customer satisfaction, and how the company has spent money and made savings. 

We have truly enjoyed creating this new style of Annual Review for the benefit of all of our fellow tenants and residents across Doncaster. We hope you will find it both interesting and easy to understand. 

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By Ken Barron and Betty Clayton

We are writing on behalf of two organisations which exist to make sure that local people receive a great service from St. Leger Homes. They are:

  • The Doncaster Federation of Tenants’ and Residents’ Associations
  • The Tenants’ and Residents’ Involvement Panel (TRIP)


We are pleased that our organisations have recently forged strong relationships with each other and with St. Leger Homes.

TRIP was formed during the year in response to changes in the way scrutiny of services needed to be carried out in line with the Localism Act. (Scrutiny means looking closely at the way services are delivered and making sure they are as good as they can be.)

The Doncaster Federation has played an important role in the town for many years. During 2013/14 it has been through a period of development which has led to new ways of working with St. Leger Homes. Because it represents TARA groups across Doncaster it can help St. Leger Homes to stay closely in touch with the needs of local people.

We look forward to another productive year of working on behalf of the people of Doncaster.

Ken Barron

Chair of Doncaster Federation of Tenants’ and Residents’ Associations

Betty Clayton

Chair of TRIP



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