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What is Disability Confident?

The Disability Confident scheme is a government initiative aimed at:

  • providing employers with the confidence, skills and tools they need to help them recruit and retain disabled staff as they progress in their careers
  • challenging misconceptions towards disability and employment
  • increasing understanding and awareness of disabilities, both mental and physical
  • supporting employers to make the most of the talents and insights disabled people can bring to the workforce

The Disability Confident scheme has three levels:

Level 1: Disability Confident Committed

Sign up to the Disability Confident commitments and identify at least one thing you’ll do that will make a difference for disabled people.

Level 2: Disability Confident Employer

Self-assess your business against the themes of getting the right people for your business, and keeping and developing your people.

Level 3: Disability Confident Leader

Be seen as a champion in your local and business communities.

St Leger Homes subscribes to the ‘Disability Confident’ employer scheme. We are currently at level 2, which is ‘Employer’ status.

As part of our equality strategy and equality commitments for 2017-2021, we will aim to maintain our Level 2: ‘Disability Confident Employer’ status by carrying out regular self- assessments to continually improve our offer as an employer of choice for disabled employees. We will produce evidence to show we are getting the right people for our business, providing reasonable adjustments and support where appropriate and keeping and developing our staff members.

As a Disability Confident Employer, we aim to go the extra mile to make sure disabled people get a fair chance. We want to give everyone the opportunity to reach their full potential and make a positive impact on our success.

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