St Leger Homes of Doncaster

Your Responsibilities

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As a tenant, you have a responsibility to care for your home and to undertake some minor repairs yourself.

You are responsible for the following:

  • Carrying out internal decoration  
  • Repair minor damage to plaster, e.g. nail holes or small cracks up to 5mm wide
  • Replacing lost keys, gaining access and replacing locks if you get locked out
  • Adjusting internal doors where new carpets have been fitted and supplying door-stops
  • Replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters, lamp holder skirts, pull cords and toggles
  • Repairing TV sockets (unless part of communal system)
  • Resetting trip switches
  • Replacing plugs and chains on baths, basins and sinks
  • Replacing toilet seats
  • Trying to clear blocked sinks, baths, basins and toilets
  • Clearing leaves, litter and so on from gully traps
  • Replacing glass, unless the damage was not your fault
  • Replacing clothes lines and re-stringing rotary driers
  • Putting up curtain rails, coat hooks and so on
  • Replacing ash pans and operating tools

Before starting any improvements to your council house it is important to check whether you need our permission. Click here for further information about permissions that you may need before starting any work.

When we visit you to carry out the repair there must be someone in the property who is at least 16 years of age. 

We will carry out all repairs resulting from wilful damage or neglect by you or anyone residing in or visiting your home. The work will be subject to a charge unless vulnerabilities apply or you have been subject to a crime. You will need to provide your crime reference number when you ring through the repair.

Your Tenancy Agreement will give you further details about your responsibilities as a tenant.

Communal areas

Please report any repairs that are needed to communal areas, including lighting. If you are aware that any damage has been caused deliberately, please let us know so that this can be investigated and, where appropriate, re-charged to those that caused the damage.

Rechargeable Repairs

Where we feel someone has exaggerated the extent of a repair to get an emergency call out or to be given priority over other tenants, or is not present at the property when we attend on emergency call out, we will write advising that should the same thing happen again we will charge for the cost of the abortive visit or call out.

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