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Leaseholder Information

We provide help, advice and support to leaseholders that have entered into a leaseholder agreement for their homes with Doncaster Council.

Our Responsibility to Leaseholders 

In providing services to leaseholders we are responsible for:

  • Keeping in repair the structure, exterior and common parts of the building,including drains and external pipes.
  • Insuring the building to the full cost of reinstatement.
  • Managing you block and the estate in a proper and reasonable manner.
  • Providing an itemised invoice of service charges by the end of September each year showing actual costs for services to your block over the previous year and how much you need to pay.
  • Consulting with leaseholders before carrying out expensive works to the building.

Leaseholders Responsibility 

Leaseholders are responsible for:

  • Paying ground rent, service charges and contributing to major works costs.
  • Advising us of any transfer of lease, mortgage, or sublet.
  • Ensuring an annual gas service is undertaken by a GasSafe registered contractor, who will issue a valid registered certificate upon completion.
  • Keeping the flat in good repair.
  • Observing all the terms and regulations set out in the lease.
  • Sending a copy of any notice affecting the property to us.
  • Not making any structural alterations or additions, including new windows,without our prior permission.
  • Not doing anything which may be a nuisance to residents or causing damage to any part of the building.
  • Not playing loud music which annoys neighbours.

Service Charges 

Service charges are collected by landlords to recover the costs they incur in providing services to a dwelling.

The way in which the service charge is organised is set out in the lease.  The charge normally covers the cost of general maintenance and repairs, insurance of the building and any other services provided.  The charge will also include the cost of management.

Repair and Maintenance of your leaseholder property 

We are not responsible for repairs and maintenance inside your flat, although we will carry emergency work to prevent the problem causing either a nuisance to other people, or damage to the structure of the block.  You may be charged for any work carried out by us inside the flat.

We are happy to provide you with a quoted for the day to day repair and maintenance, deemed to be your responsibility inside your home, or replacement of any element within your home such as kitchen, bathroom, central heating and electrical works - all at competitive prices!

Gas Servicing 

As a leaseholder it is your responsibility to ensure that your gas appliances are safe and regularly services.  It is advised that you get your gas serviced every 12 months, which must be undertaken by GasSafe Registered Installer.  You must also provide a copy of the maintenance certificate to us.

We can carry out your annual gas service for you at a competitive rate.  Please contact us for more information or to book your gas servicing appointment.

Home Contents Insurance 

We would strongly urge all leaseholders to take out adequate home contents insurance.  If you are uninsured you risk financial loss from damage (caused by hazards such as fire and burst pipes), burglary or theft.

We have a home contents insurance scheme available

For any help, advice or further information, please contact us button at the top of this page.



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