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St. Leger Homes Enclosed Garden Maintenance Scheme

 The Enclosed Garden Service is a chargeable service available to all St. Leger Homes tenants, at the moment this service is not available to private tenants or owner/occupiers. There are two packages available, with our Growing Season Service we will visit 6 times from April through to October, the full year service includes a further 3 visits during the winter which are for cutting of shrub and rose beds, digging borders, weeding and general maintenance works, not grass cutting.

 The service purely covers enclosed gardens.  All overgrown trees and open plan grass cutting including the communal areas of flats and bungalows are maintained by Doncaster Council. If enquiries are received for any of the above, they should initially be directed to the area office to investigate and if necessary referred to DMBC.

 An Enclosed Garden is defined as an individually fenced off garden for tenants sole use.

 Bungalow complexes with fencing around the whole of the perimeter are not classed as enclosed gardens and should be on the Service Level Agreement with Doncaster Council.

If you have any enquires please contact Garden Maintenance on 01302 736536. 

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