St Leger Homes of Doncaster
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Basic Bank Accounts

Budget Accounts

Community First Credit Union offers a Budget Account which takes away the worry of paying bills and not having enough money to last until your next pay date.

If you have your benefits and/or earnings paid in to a Budget Account it can be used to pay:

  • Rent

  • Council Tax

  • Gas

  • Electricity

  • Water

The money for your bills is 'ring-fenced' so you aren't tempted to spend it on other things. Standing orders are set up to automatically pay your bills, helping you to stay on top of them.

Your remaining money is then available for you to spend on everyday things such as food and other household goods.  This helps you to budget and ensure you have enough money to last until your next pay date. You may even wish to put some money into a savings account each week or month to save for a special occasion.

St Leger Homes will cover the costs of budget accounts for council tenants who pay their rent in this way. For more information please call 01302 736355 or email



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