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Energy Redress Scheme

A new Energy Redress Scheme is being administered by Doncaster Deaf Trust to support those on pre-payment meters, on a low income and who have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Applicants can apply for up to three £49 vouchers which will be paid via an SMS code and can be used at PayPoint to top up their energy meter. Vouchers must be used at PayPoint so unfortunately British Gas customers aren’t eligible. 

Applications will be accepted from the end of July 2020 for up to 3 months and claims will be paid each month. Claims will not be backdated i.e. one claim, per person, per month for the three months starting at the end of July and each period will need a new claim form. Applicants can apply themselves or via the a support agency and you must meet the following criteria to qualify:

  • Must have a pre-payment meter
  • Have suffered financially as a direct result of the Covid19 pandemic
  • Have already, or are in danger of self-disconnection

Evidence must be supplied and to make the application you can apply using the Claim Form listed below:

Energy Redress Scheme Claim Form 

Download (66KB - DOCX)

The government has released a press release which may be useful to anyone supporting people who are going to struggle to pay their energy bills.

If you are having money problems or trouble managing your tenancy, you can get support from our Tenancy Sustainability Team at or 01302 862050. 

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